Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

GEMS is a qualified Teacher of Adult Learning.  Her area of specialisation is Information, Communications & Technology and has over 30 years experience.  I am also a certified Microsoft Office® Specialist (‘MOS’).  Having passed the exam requirements for MOS, I am a distinguished achiever who can demonstrate proficiency in Microsoft Office 365.

By learning to use Microsoft Office® 365 more effectively, you can work from anywhere and have your documents on hand.  Some of the most popular software in use today are:

  • Microsoft Word®.
  • Microsoft Excel®.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint®.
  • Microsoft OneDrive®.
  • Microsoft Outlook®.
  • Microsoft Windows Operating System®.

My training sessions will raise your level of competence in (‘ICT’) skills.  You can improve your productivity by learning to use your device (desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet) at home or work more effectively.

    Microsoft Office 365 Training Courses

    1. Bespoke (tailor-made) Computer Courses to suit your individual needs, using the European Computer Driving Licence (‘ECDL’) syllabus.
    2. One-to-one Computer sessions.
    3. Small Computer Workshops (group session), using the ECDL syllabus..
    4. Website Solution Course/..

    These sessions can include:

    • Basic concepts of information technology.
    • Creating and customising documents – Microsoft® Word (Word Processing).
    • Creating and manipulating data – Microsoft® Excel (Spreadsheets).
    • Email and contacts management – Microsoft® Outlook.
    • Information and Communication (exploring the web and mastering Browsers).
    • Operating Systems – Microsoft® Windows.
    • Note-taking and keeping – Microsoft® OneNote.
    • Presenting data visually – Microsoft® PowerPoint (Presentations).
    • Using a computer and managing files.