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About Us - We are GEMS

About Us – GEMS started working life in 1979, at the same time studying business management!

Throughout our career, we have acquired expertise and specialisations in:

Working as contractors, freelancers, lecturers, tutors and volunteers – in many different business industries, we have the experience and knowledge to find a solution for you.

In December 2019, our owner was honoured the qualification Fellow of the Institute of Consulting (‘IC’).  This accreditation cements the understanding and hard work as a professional management consultant at a senior level.

Digital Creativity

Designing: graphics, logos and websites.

About Us - some more about GEMS

GEMS stops at nothing

Throughout our working lifes, We’ve believed – hard work and dedication makes us who we are today.

GEMS Loves To Explore​

We will get to know you – so that w can better assist you and your business.

We Take It Step-By-Step

We will put the time in to complete your project on time and are dedicated to you – our client!

We Keep It Simple

It’s always a good idea to get a second option when starting a new business.  Our business planning options are as simple as A-B-C.  

Your Dream. Our Mission.

About Us – GEMS has decades of experience in business & management consulting.  Our work is our passion, and has been praised for it’s obvious attention to detail.

We have a team of dedicated professionals who have the ability to assist clients (virtually).  They can provide assistance in the following areas:

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